Sewing Updates & Sew for Victory 2.0

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I had hoped to show you my finished Butterick 3810 by now, but alas, I haven't finished it yet. I found out that hemming a dress without having a full length mirror is.. quite impossible! It's so silly because it never even crossed my mind. Especially since this dress is quite long right now and I'm not sure what length I'd like it to be so I really do need to see myself from top to toe. So now I'm on the hunt for an affordable full length mirror and until then Butterick 3810 is on hold.

By now I am sure you have heard all about Sew For Victory 2.0. If you haven't, head over to Rochelle's blog and read all about it!

After some indecisiveness about what to sew, I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone and go for a red skirt. I'm using this lovely red fabric and Simplicity 3450 from 1940 to make a cute skirt with a gather at the front and big pockets. The pockets are actually 'suspended'; they are not stitched onto the skirt and only tacked loosely to the skirt's waistband. The rest of the support comes from the belt that goes underneath the pocket flap. Hence the term suspended. However, I'd like to wear the skirt without a belt so I think I will stitch them onto the skirt. I also find it kind of a weird idea that the pockets are free to flop up and down..

I have absolutely no idea if I'm even going to wear this skirt at all. I never wear red. But sometimes you have to try something new, right? I do have to mention that it's not as bright as it appears in the picture.

I should have it finished pretty quickly (assuming I will have a mirror shortly..), so I will do more than one project for this Sew for Victory challenge. I'm not sure what the next one will be yet. My mom just sent me another box with a large portion of my fabric stash so I finally have a few more options!

I can't wait for the final round up to see all the beautiful things everyone has made for Sew for Victory 2.0!


  1. Volgens mij gaat rood je heel mooi staan!

    Loshangende zakken lijkt mij ook niet echt fijn. Ik hoop dat het lukt ze erop te stikken gezien de gerimpelde stof.


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