Free Pattern for a 1940s Lacy Jumper in Leaf Pattern

14:36 Renée 4 Comments

The first of the free patterns I'm treating you to today is this pretty little lace jumper from Bestway 1318. Knitted in a lovely leaf pattern (although it reminds me more of the end of an arrow)  with short sleeves and a turn-down collar. Perfect for the coming season!

6 ozs. (170 gr.) of "Emu" 3-ply Pure Botany fingering; a pair of No. 9 (3.75 mm) and No. 12 (2.75 mm) knitting needles; a No. 12 crochet hook; 3 old buttons or button moulds about ½ inch in diameter.

Tension and Measurements.
Worked at a tension of one repeat of a pattern to 1¾ inches in width, the measurements on the diagram are attained after light pressing. (Bust 34”; length 18”; sleeve seam 4”)

You can download the pattern HERE. Listed on Ravelry here.


  1. Hi, This is a gorgeous jumper, thank you for sharing it. I can't seem to download the second or third page of the PDF, is this the link or my not very good computer?

    1. Hi K,

      If you click on the word "HERE" it will take you to the file on Google Drive, there you can click on the download button (an arrow pointing down at the top of the screen) and it should download the entire PDF with all pages included.

  2. Lovely jumper, such a pretty stitch pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for sharing all these vintage patterns! I love vintage knitting, but don't do nearly enough of it I'm afraid... I have a sweater I knitted from A Stitch in Time vol. 1, 'The prettiest collar' and whenever I wear it I think 1) This sweater is AWESOME and 2) How on Earth did I ever find time to knit all this?!

    Ik zag ook de Nederlands patronen - wat een vre-se-lijk idee voor instructies voor een patroon, met zo'n 'mal' waar je het op moet leggen!


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