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Now that I have finished my first knitting project I am hooked and eagerly planning my next project. While I was browsing through Ravelry for other 1940s knitting projects I stumbled across a pattern that linked to an online archive, The Trove. It turned out to be a Treasure Trove indeed. I discovered the great magazine Australian Women's weekly which has published lots and lots of knitting patterns since its first issue in 1933. There are so many of them, and so many wonderful ones. Quite a few are already listed on Ravelry. I wanted to share some of my favorites, most of which I will no doubt knit in the future. (DAMMIT I WANT THEM ALL! NOW!)

The Australian Women's Weekly isn't just a great source for knitting patterns, it is a great source for fashion altogether. I am going to share some great images in future posts!


"START knitting the Elinor jumper now, in preparation for the cooler days ahead. You will be delighted with its flattering lines and cosy warmth when the cold winds of autumn begin to blow. The original design was knitted in a soft powder-blue. But, of course, you could choose whatever color suits you best." 
Get the pattern here. Also listed on Ravelry. March 9, 1940 


I like this one so much and really want to knit it, but I'm afraid it won't suit me. "SONIA: Color against the snow or whatever background you choose for this dramatically striped sweater, for it's guaranteed to make you the cynosure of all eyes. And you need not be an experienced knitter to make it successfully." 
Get the pattern here. Edit: Now also listed on Ravelry. March 9, 1940


"JOAN: Suave sophistication in a frisky little sweater on tailored weskit lines. Extended shoulder-line and patch pockets give fashion interest. And notice the sweater effect achieved by introducing a contrasting stitch for sleeves and collar. A long line of buttons marches down the front." 
Get the pattern hereEdit: Now also listed on Ravelry. March 9, 1940


I am so in love with this one, and am almost sure that this is going to be my next project. The only thing holding me back is that I have to re-size it and I'm not really looking forward to that.
"ENTER the lumber-jacket into the hand knit field. This skilfully designed garment will be "tops" with every girl and woman for real comfort on the tennis court, golf links, walking, hiking, riding." 
Get the pattern here. Also listed on Ravelry. March 23, 1946

      Business Girl's Jumper 

"The smart, efficient-looking garment shown right is for office or shopping wear. This garment suggests bright efficiency. It is beautifully styled. Easy to knit. Make it for yourself." 
Get the pattern hereEdit: Now also listed on Ravelry. April 22, 1944

       Knitted Jacket in Continental Design 

This illustration is making me so curious to know what it would actually look like! It reminded me of Susan Crawford's crazy 1930s sweater
Get the pattern here. Also listed on Ravelry. March 27, 1937

       In Vintage Tone

I love this one, it's so simple and yet so cute. 
"KNITTED pullover in diamond pattern. High neck and long sleeves with extended shoulder-line are smart and cosy. The garment fastens at the back with three small buttons-, and looks enchanting worn topping a skirt or with a suit." "WHETHER you are a blonde or a brunette you'll find the soft yet rich vintage-rose of this knitted pullover enormously flattering. Knitted in diamond pattern." 
Get the pattern here. Also listed on Ravelry. August 2, 1941


"GONE are the days when cosy knitted sports togs were synonymous with bulky lines. Witness this slender fitting little sweater, and love it for its air of trim simplicity and sparkling youth."
Get the pattern here. Also listed on Ravelry. March 8, 1941

       Jill's Sweater and Hood

Definitely not ready for this one yet. Hopefully I'll get to make it next winter, I love hoods and I love the color combination.
Get the pattern here. Also listed on Ravelry. March 12, 1949

       Smart Jumper in Diamond Weave

I just love the yoke, neckline and the sleeves. "Here's a form-fitting jumper with a very modish shoulder-line and a simulated yoke in garter-stitch. lt's an ideal winter garment to wear with a sports skirt or under a suit. You'll find it ever so easy to make."
Get the pattern hereEdit: Now also listed on Ravelry. May 16, 1942

      "Southern Cross" Jumper and Snood

This is my absolute favorite. I Ooh'd when I saw it the first time. I could make it as my next project because it's simple enough, but I think I will wait until the end of spring and make it with short sleeves (there are also instructions for long sleeves) for summer. 
Get the pattern here. Also listed on Ravelry. March 21, 1942

And I will definitely make that snood, too! 
"A LITTLE SCRAP OF CHIC in crochet-a fetching snood that you can wear day or night. Takes positively no time to make, costs a mere song, and anyone can make it by following the simple directions given on page 20. It washes beautifully. Starch it, but don't iron."
Get the pattern hereEdit: Now also listed on Ravelry


  1. Just when I thought the next one, then the next one, then the next one (and so on) couldn't get any better or take my breath away more, they did - culminating in an actual gasp of delight when I saw the final patriotic hued sweater styled with a snood. J'adore!!! Thank you for sharing these beauties with us - there isn't a single one I wouldn't happily wear.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hello Renée and thanks for leaving your comment on my blog, much appreciated. I love your blog and especially this post - what an amazing array of patterns to choose from (I see you're on Rav too - like me :-) ). I love the daimond weave jumper and 'Joan' too - thanks so much for sharing these.

    1. Ravelry such a great platform! I looked you up and added you as a friend :)

  3. I love all of these pictures Wow !! I was like oh i need this SNOOd, i need this jumper...
    That must explain our vintage lovers, we do prefer some advertising like this better !!

    Love from Paris,



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