A New Home, A New Country

15:29 Renée 3 Comments

Photo by Nina Leen

I have arrived safely in the UK, hurrah! I had to take a little detour which involved me staying with my mom for two weeks with the kitties, but I finally arrived last week and as of today we have internet again. I could only take a few very essential possession with me and unfortunately my sewing machine and fabric stash where not among them. I did take most of my notions and all of my patterns with me, thank goodness. But I am afraid I won't be sewing again till January, when we will finally have money again so that I can (hopefully) buy a sewing machine at one of the (many!) charity shops here and some fabrics at Fabric Land, a descent sized shop that my boyfriend had already spotted for me before I arrived. I really like my new home. Some things take a bit of adjusting but it is cute and our bedroom has a bay window, which I've always wanted! The cats handled the 10 hour drive exceptionally well and accepted their new home without complaint.

I was able to finish my two blouses from Butterick 4987 before I left, but I only took view II with me, the other one went into a box with other things that my mom will be sending me soon. But in the mean time you can expect a post with the finished result of view II!


  1. Fijn dat je over bent! Succes met wennen enzo!

    1. Ja dank je wel! Ik moet even kijken hoe ik dat ga doen met je patroon want ik heb geen spullen meer om het over te strekken en ook geen scanner om de inscructies te kopieëren, schiet lekker op zo haha

    2. Laat lekker zitten joh! Is veel te veel gedoe zo! Je hebt wel andere dingen aan je hoofd denk ik zo. Ik kan altijd nog op Etsy kijken voor dat patroon :)


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