Finished: Simplicity 4987 view I - The Short sleeve version

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The box containing this blouse and some other things arrived on my birthday so I am finally able to show it to you!

Like I said before, I sewed this blouse simultaneously with the other one before I left my home in Arnhem. It differs from the other version by having a wide neckline, 6 buttons in stead of 7 and short cap sleeves with a wider armhole than the 3/4 sleeve version. There are also some different construction details. For instance, where I did a regular narrow hem on view II, I did a hand stitched rolled hem on this one. With view II I made hand stitched buttonholes with a bar tack on each side, view I's buttonholes have bar tacks on only one side and have a rounded corner on the other. The rest of the construction is pretty much the same.

It is terribly difficult to photograph a blouse that is so very 'blousey'. Every pose seems to make the blouse pucker and bulge in all places, but I promise you that the fit is great. The only mistake and problem I have with this one, is that I did not have enough fabric to cut the 'bias facing' for the neckline on the actual bias. The neckline won't stay down on its own so I catch stitched it to keep it in place. This is creating a bit of a problem with puckering around the neckline as you can see in some of the photos. Lesson learned. And I realized just now that I forgot to finish the armhole seams.

Left is the short sleeve version (view I) , right is 3/4 sleeve version (view II)

I think the pattern meant for there to be shoulder pads in this version as well but it would be quite impossible, they would be visible because the neckline is so wide. So this one doesn't have shoulder pads and it doesn't need it. I used the same vintage black plastic buttons as for view II. The fabric is the same but the color is slightly darker and a little more grayish. I couldn't find a matching color thread for this fabric, so I used the same thread as for the other blouse which definitely sped up the process of sewing.

In conclusion, I love this blouse just as much as the other one. It is such a great basic casual separate. I'm positive that I will be wearing it lots in the summer!

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