I'm Finally Knitting! Knit For Victory

12:09 Renée 4 Comments

After my enthusiastic post a little while ago about learning to knit, I had to stop almost right away because of my move to England. The day before I left however, my mother gifted me this great pack with 10 skeins of beautiful petrol colored yarn. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take it with me, but my mother put it in a box with some other stuff that she send to me which arrived on my birthday.

So I started searching for the perfect pattern between the free vintage patterns I had gathered. I needed something that would work with this color, used the same yarn weight, was (close to) my size and, of course, was easy enough for me as a beginner. I finally settled on this 1940s Wind Beaker pattern that was kindly put on the web by Subversive Femme. The pattern suggests working with Honey Gold and White and I copied the idea of doing the stripes in white. I went to John Lewis for the (creamy)white yarn and knitting needles and I've finally been knitting since Sunday! I am so happy that I am able to join the Knit For Victory challenge after all!

I'm in love with this illustration! The whole outfit is so perfect.

I am so excited to finally be knitting my first garment! And it really is an easy pattern. There were some things I didn't understand at first, like DC (double crochet) but nothing I wasn't able to figure out with the help of Google and YouTube. So far I've finished the back and I am now working on the left front. The back was smooth sailing but for some reason I keep making mistakes with the left front piece. I had to rip out a large part three times already!

And now I am just hoping it will fit!


  1. Leuk dat je alsnog bent gaan breien! Het is een leuk patroon!

    1. En meteen verslaafd! Ik ben benieuwd naar jouw laatste brei project!

  2. That sweater is going to be so pretty. Knitting is on my list of things to learn, I love 1940's cropped sweaters and can't find them anywhere...so should probably just makes them myself! I'll admit it's a bit daunting though, I worry so many things can go wrong...it seems like sewing is so much easier (probably because I don't know how to knit anything outside a scarf). I can't wait to see your finished project.

    1. I realized that knitting really isn't comparable to sewing, they are both such different processes! In some ways knitting is easier and in some ways sewing is easier. I started knitting because I saw all these amazing patterns everywhere and I just couldn't stand the fact that I didn't know how to knit. But I find it much easier than I thought. Internet definitely makes it much easier to learn with all the tutorials on youtube and whatnot!


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