Finished: Simplicity 3364 - The 1940s Palazzo Pants

13:30 Renée 9 Comments

I believe you have been waiting for this one - the finished Simplicity 3364 Palazzo pants!

I ironed them, I swear! Then I sat down to knit.. sigh

These pants are very easy to make and sew up very quick. Or at least they were supposed to be.. unfortunately this was one of those projects where the sewing gods are against you and everything just seems to go wrong. Stitching a buttonhole on the wrong side of the placket for instance..

The side closes with three fabric covered buttons at the waistband and three snaps below.

The pattern is a size 16 (27" waist, I have a 25,5" waist) but I decided not to adjust the pattern to my size - except for the waistband of course. So the pants are actually wider than they otherwise would have been. (Which, naturally, I did on purpose.)

Because the fabric I used is so very thin I underlined one layer of the waistband with lightweight cotton to give it a little more structure.

Slipstitching was out of the question with this fabric because the stitches created ladders in the weave. So I just narrowly hemmed the trousers and top stitched it down. I finished the seams by folding them in and stitching them together (aka mock french seams). This my favorite method for finishing seams so far.

They are so elegant, I absolutely love them. This was just a test version with a cheap fabric - there will be more of these!

For my next project I am finally making a pair of slacks with the famous Simplicity 3688. I have already made a perfect fitting muslin so now I am about to cut into some lovely whine/burgundy ish cotton fabric!


  1. I'm so thrilled you made these. These type of pants are very much on my wish list. I just need to get sewing and stop thinking about it:) I have two patterns to work with a vintage and a repo so between the two of them I hope to come up with something. I am not very happy with the instructions on the vintage pattern and I keep thinking about adding things to the pattern (like side darts at the end with a different material in). I love how you "jumped in" and just made them. I'm sure with the right fabric these will be fabulous. I am looking at rayon or a linen blend and was hoping to do accents with 30s cotton fabric. Your's turned out just gorgeous and love the waist band effect. So inspiring! Love them:)

    1. Yes you should just start sewing! You can always make a first pair to try out the pattern(s) like I did and then decide on the perfect fabric and any changes you'd like to make for your Ultimate Dream Slacks :)

  2. These are just fabulous! They suit you so well, you look like you stepped off a runway ;)

  3. They look amazing! I love them so much Renée :-)

    Miss Beta

  4. Wow they are amazing you have done an amazing job on them!!!!

  5. Goodness, how I adore these pants! They're the antithesis of skinny jeans (the least flattering pants style on my figure, I do believe) and are something I'd gleefully sport in a New York minute. You're captured a sense of yesteryear elegance and glamour with these palazzos that is nothing short of beguilingly beautiful.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. These pants are absolutely amazing!


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