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First a little side note, as of today you can find me on Instagram, so if you'd like to follow me please do! I've actually had an Instagram account for 4 years but the last time I posted anything was 2,5 years ago. If you follow me on Instagram you'll get cute cat pictures, sneak peeks of patterns I'm translating and frequent sewing & knitting project updates! I promise I will spare you the pictures of my breakfast ;)

Today I randomly decided to bring my old Instagram account back to life.. Hello world!

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Before I even finished my red jumper I already dove into a new knitting project. It is another 1940's jumper that was on the top of my list: "Smart Jumper in Diamon Weave", again from the Australian women's weekly. I wanted to knit a really warm jumper this time, and with it's diamond cable pattern, a DK weight yarn seemed very appropriate. I'm using Cygnet DK in Navy Blue. I've been wanting to try out knitting in the round and this pattern's stitch and construction (no side seam increases) seemed simple and therefore appropriate enough to give it a try. I even purchased interchangeable knitting needles from Knit Pro and Hiya Hiya to try out. I think I might write a review about those soon. I am almost finished with the front and back. It's a very simple pattern but I do have to admit that the cables become a bit tedious after a while.

Source: Trove

I am currently completely knitting obsessed. I just feel like knitting every pretty pattern I come across. So I just had to break my 'one project' rule and started on a bolero which has also been on the top of my list. This one's from the Sun-glo knitting book series 49 purchased from GrannyspdfPatterns on Etsy. I specially purchased some black 4 ply for this (Red Heart Margareta) but the yarn was quite thin and my tension was so far off! Lucky for me, I also had some black DK weight yarn in my stash and that gave me the correct gauge right away. I don't really mind though because now it will certainly be suitable for winter, which is what I wanted.

I have also been sewing again. Actually, I must shamefully admit, I have been for weeks. I finally started on Butterick 5281 - which I had been planning since this summer - a few weeks ago and am now finally close to finishing it. I think it's simply taking so long because I am currently much more knitting obsessed. Even though I do feel inspired to sew and have lots of stuff I want to make. Time for a new inspiration post?


  1. What a gorgeous knitting pattern - I would love to try that one some day.

  2. That new jumper will look gorgeous! I cannot wait till you finish it to see :-)

    Beta x


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