Free 1940s Knitting Pattern: Ladies Cable Pullover

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Today's free pattern comes from the book Knitted Garments for All by Jane Koster and Margaret Murray. It is one of a series of books that where published in the 1930s and 1940s and I think most vintage knitters will be familiar with them. I'm hoping to collect all of them. I don't know the exact publication date of this one, but someone wrote: "To Kathleen. From Harold. Christmas 1943."

I purposely picked a pattern that is nice and warm for winter! To view the PDF click here. You can find the pattern on Ravelry here.

Tough clothes for tough jobs by all means - but you can be attractively though! For a real, honest outdoor session in the garden, this cable jersey in 4-ply wool is highly recommended.  

By the way, this book has a really amazing endpaper design!

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  1. Oh, it would be pretty to make a fabric out of that end paper print! What a lovely sturdy sweater design. I may have to try it sometime! Thanks for sharing!

    the Middle Sister and Singer


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