Finished: A Butterscotch-alicious Jan Sweater

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Wait, my last post was on February 27? How did that happen?! I also noticed I haven't posted anything on Instagram for 3 weeks either. Whoops.

Today I'm finally showing you the finished Jan Sweater from Susan Crawford's A Stitch in Time vol. 2. I meant to post it nearly a month ago but I just kept forgetting to take pictures. I have actually worn it quite a lot already so this is definitely a successful knit!

Jan Sweater
I really don't have much to say about the process of knitting up the Jan Sweater - I followed the pattern exactly for the smallest size. The pattern is very simple and straightforward.

I only had one small problem that I discovered when sewing up: my sleeve heads where just a bit too short compared to the armholes. I really did not feel like re-knitting them because I'm lazy and impatient I'd already started a new project so instead I solved the problem by blocking the sleeve heads out a bit more (making them slightly bigger) and overlapping the ribbing at the shoulders (making the armholes slightly smaller). You can see that the fabric at the top of the sleeves is a bit more open than the rest, but I'm fine with that.

The yarn I used is Stylecraft Life 4 ply in Butterscotch. I really really like this color. It's fresh and bright without being "hello I'm over here!" yellow. Now that I have a new job I am able to spent more on better yarns, but I actually liked this yarn and color so much that I purchased some more to knit up a lacy cardigan! I have adjusted my overall excitement about the Stylecraft Life 4 ply yarn though, but that's something I'll explain when I show you my next finished project: the famous Victory Jumper.

Jan Sweater

Jan Sweater

Jan Sweater

Jan Sweater

I really like this sweater, it's so comfortable and very casual. I love the baggy fit. It's a nice and easy knit - making it perfect for any beginner who wants to knit their first garment. Susan Crawford gives both written instructions as well as a chart for the stitch pattern so you can use whichever you like. One thing I do have to comment on is that the fit of Susan's reproduction seems to be quite different from the original 1930s pattern. But it might just be the original picture that's misleading, which isn't uncommon either. (It seems to be the only pattern in the book though, where the fit of the reproduction looks a bit different from the original. )

I'll be back soon (really, promise!) because I have started sewing again, yay!

Lots of love,



  1. This turned out lovely! Nice elegant shape, and a good color on you :) Great save on the sleeve heads too. I really need to get me these books... I love all patterns I see from A Stitch in Time.
    Excited to see your Victory jumper!

  2. It turned out beautifully! I love this pattern, but haven't made it myself yet.

  3. Very cute Renee! The color is a very nice yellow indeed, and the pattern is lovely.

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  4. Hey,

    Ik kom weer even om het hoekje kijken.

    Mooi is ie geworden!!

  5. I love the color you chose for this project ~ it really is a perfect neutral, but so pretty just by itself too! This jumper is actually supposed to be my next project, as long as something else doesn't end up bumping it off the list. So many pretty knits and not enough time! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  6. Lovely jumper, it looks great. This is on my to make at some point list!


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