Knitting pattern collection: Nitwell knitting books - Fall 1946

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Hi guys! I'm really sorry about the long blog silence! My computer started acting weird a few weeks ago and then pretty much stopped working. My boyfriend was confident he would be able to fix it but in the mean time he had a deadline and then we went on holiday so the computer wasn't looked at until last weekend. As it turns out, the problem isn't actually that simple and I pretty much need a new computer. I was really bummed because I finally saved up to buy a  fabulous new sewing machine next month. For now, I've decided to buy a tablet (we've been wanting one anyway) so now at least I'm able to do some light blogging again and comment on other peoples' (for some reason I wasn't able to on my phone and my boyfriend uses his computer for work).

Anyway, I don't want to bore you any longer with my luxury problems so let's get to the actual post!

I have been purchasing loads of Dutch knitting pattern books and magazines trough a Dutch auction site. I have them sent to my mom and when she can fill up a box she sends them to me. So every time I have to be patient before I can actually see them. We went to the Netherlands for our holiday so this time I was able to bring home the latest purchases. One particular knitting book series that I hadn't heard of before I bought them is Nitwell. This one really stands out because the designs are pretty amazing and some of the patterns are pictured in amazing color photography. The Nitwell books are actually Swedish (then translated to Dutch but still printed in Sweden). It definitely explains the abundance of beautiful colorwork designs, though the book also mentions that this is specifically done because yarn was still scarce, so you could use remnants instead. The 4 books I now have in my collection are Fall 1946, Spring 1947, Fall 1947 and Spring 1948. I really hope I will be able to find more of these books and get a complete collection, though I am afraid that's not going to be likely since Dutch knitting books are relatively rare to begin with. This particular issue has so many amazing designs that my brain went on overload the first time I flipped through it. I know showing these to you is a bit of a tease since the patterns are in Dutch, but I do intent to translate a few of them (I just need to find the time!).

"This jumper is knitted in grey and white"
" "White Flowers" Flattering jacket in an old knitting pattern from Öland"
"Sports jacket With and old Swedish folk art motif"
""The Rings" Sports jacket in red and beige"
"Triangular shawl in lace knitting"
"Sports jumper in yellow and white"


  1. Ooh die vierde vind ik mooi! En balen van je computer!

    1. Als ik weer een fatsoenlijke computer set-up heb kan ik hem wel voor je scannen? :)

  2. Oh! So stunningly beautiful! I've never heard of Nitwell before but those folk motif sweaters are something I miss in my collection (I just see Sonja Henie skating before me despite the 38 degrees C here .... ) I'll start looking for some of those during my journeys ... thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh that Sports Jumper in Yellow and White is stunning! If only I was brave enough to try color work again after my last failed attempt. :)

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  4. Sorry to hear about your computer troubles, I hope things sort themselves out! That Elegante Jumper is so swoon worthy, much like the rest of these stunning patterns! Very very pretty finds indeed. :) ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  5. These are just amazing! What glorious knitwear! How on earth will you choose what to make?!


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