Next Season's Knitting Plans: S/S 2016

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Spring is here! (Well in theory anyway, I have yet to detect spring-y weather where I live.) I always find it harder to think about/plan warm weather knits than cold weather knits. Which, I guess, makes sense since you don't generally want to wear wool in the summer anyway. And so my "to-knit list" for warmer weather is significantly shorter than the one for cold weather. When I wrote my post about cold weather knitting plans, you guys really seemed to enjoy that and even though I didn't follow up on all of the knitting plans in that list, it really helped me to put some of the project ideas that are floating around in my head in order. So I figured I would make it a recurring thing.

First of all, to have a little look back at the cold weather knitting plans: I managed to knit 4 out of 6 items on the list! I knitted the lacy cardigan, the cabled cardigan, the Christmas sweater and the colorwork cardigan. I am a little behind on schedule because I had originally planned to start knitting for warmer weather in march, but I am still working on the colorwork cardigan and I am also knitting an unplanned jumper. The unplanned jumper is a Weasley jumper that I am knitting for the Harry Potter KAL hosted by the super lovely Katie of the the Inside Number 23 podcast.

I am hoping to have both of those finished at the beginning of April, after which I will switch to warmer weather knitting. Like last year I am planning to switch back to cold weather knitting again in September so that gives me 5 months of warmer weather knitting. I am going to allow myself a little more slack this time and only plan 4 project since I expect to lose my knitting mojo a little during the summer - I have for the past two years anyway.

1. Baggy cardigan
When I posted about my finished butterscotch cardigan (pictured below) I mentioned that I had worn that cardigan a lot during spring and summer and that I definitely needed another one. I am either going to design a cardigan myself or I am going to kit the same cardigan again but with a different stitch pattern.

2. Long sleeve jumper
I've been wanting to knit a second version the of Elinor Jumper, but this time with a little more ease and in a cotton blend yarn to make it a little more summer friendly.

3. 3/4 sleeve jumper
I have also been thinking of re-doing the Althea jumper I made last summer, which turned out too fitted. It fits, I can wear it, but it's very tiny and I find it very hard to wear it with anything. This time I have more experience with cotton yarn so I can prevent the mistakes I made last time.

4. Short sleeve sweater/top
For the last item I want to knit something with short sleeves but I haven't really decided what I want to knit yet. There are a couple of patterns I am considering. The Fair Isle Yoke jumper actually has my preference but it's not the most practical garment for warmer weather..


  1. Ooh some lovely knits here! The mustard cardi from 'A Stitch in Time' is top of my list for summer, but it probably won't be done until next year!

  2. Some fabulous choices here. I really like the Youthful cardigan and Elinor.

  3. Oh these are some darling knits. I can't wait to see what's next on your needles. I really like the Youthful cardigan, it's so cute!

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts


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