On The Needles: A 1950's Fair Isle Cardigan

19:31 Renée 5 Comments

After knitting my first stranded colorwork cardigan with steeks, I really wanted to cast on a new colorwork project straight away. After hemming an hawing about what to knit next, I decided that I really wanted to challenge myself and take the next step to multi-colored stranded knitting. I have this lovely 1950's Bestway pattern in my collection for a Fair Isle cardigan which I decided on making - my first real fair isle. As with most of these patterns, the original is knitted flat. Naturally I decided to knit it in the round instead, with steeks for the center front and armholes. Luckily it is a V neck cardigan so I can just continue the center front steek all the way up and I don't have to worry about the neckline shaping. The yarn I am using is Knitpicks Palette, which is a yarn that I have been wanting to try for a while and I really like it for colorwork.

I have just finished the body and cast on for the sleeves. I have decided to knit "siamese sleeves" where you knit the two sleeves as one piece with steeks to separate them. I got this idea from the wonderful Tasha who has knitted this cardigan as well and, as always, documented the process in great detail. I am afraid it will make the sleeve seams rather bulky, but it should make the knitting itself much easier and quicker, plus it uses up less yarn! Now that I know I can do this it has become very addictive and I simply cannot wait to knit ALL the fair isle garments!

I will write an in-depth post about the entire process once it's finished - I thought that might be helpful and interesting to some of you. 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! The colours are just perfect together ☺

  2. Beautiful craftsmanship. Your choice of colors is lovely am looking forward to your next detailed post.

  3. Hij wordt echt heel mooi! Ik moet ook maar eens gaan oefenen met rondbreinaalden. Heb het een keer geprobeerd, maar kreeg de slag niet echt te pakken.

  4. Ooh, another fabulous knitting project! I would never have thought to knit the sleeves in one peice like that it's truly ingenious, I can't wait to see the finished result!


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