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I am a slow updater! I already finished my Butterick 'walkaway' dress weeks ago but I keep forgetting to write a proper post about it. I will do it soon, I promise! Now on to today's topic: Old photo's! The same venue that organised the second hand clothing market from my last post also organizes a flea market every last Sunday of the month. Today they didn't have much interesting stuff, but I did come home with a stack of old photo's from the 1900's to 1950's and wanted to share some of them. Not all, because there are over 150 of them! I actually collect vintage photography stuff (camera's, accessories, and especially photo's) so this was a nice catch. About half of them have scribbles on the back, varying from Dutch to French and English. Most of it is unreadable though, those writings are indecipherable! Since most photo's have a mark/stamp of the photographer it appears that the majority comes from Belgium. Maybe I will post a few more of these soon. You can click on the images for a bigger view.

Dated 1911

That lady has some fabulous hair!

I think this was a commercial real photo postcard because the back says "Reprints prohibited" but I'm totally loving her style. No date, but looks to be 40's

20's Flapper wedding 

I love the embellishments on her dress! No date, but looks 30's

This lady was feeling fabulous! No date and no clue, I guesstimate 1920's ?

No date but the blouse looks 40's. Although I feel like The Netherlands/Europe was a bit behind on fashion trends back in the day (probably because of the war aftermath) so it could be 50's as well.

"Just, you know, casually lying here in my garden"

"Hello Ladies, let us make you swoon with our sexy mustaches. No date and no clue, I guesstimate 40's?

Talking about mustaches! No date, I 'm guessing 1900's or 1910's?

Fabulous hats! Dated 1910

Another pretty lady. Not dated but  I'm going with 40's, looking at the dress.

Look at those shoes! Patforms! In the 40's! Wikipedia says they had 'some popularity in the 30's to 50's', I had no idea those were even around back then.

No idea on the date, anyone know when these jackets and hats were in style?

And last but not least a family photo with a kitty cat! 

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  1. I love to see this kind of old photographs. It's funny to see the Dutch people of those times. At home I have many photos how are you, all belong to the family of my friend. I really love that pets are portrayed with the family. Very dutch!
    I think that the penultimate is from 1900- 1910. The feathers on the hat and the high neck blouses made me think about that.
    By the way, I love your blog, the vintage style is something that begins to obsess me.
    I also like to go in search of vintage magazines and books, I focus on those who are from old sewing patterns, embroidery and cross stitch. Oldest I've gotten are from the 70's. I hope to get lucky and find one day something from the 40's but I know it is easier to happen in the flea markets in Germany than in the flea markets of the Netherlands.


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