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Today was a good day! I went to a second hand clothing market here in my city and dug up some treasure! So I thought I'd share. In total I bought 4 pretty dresses and only spend a shocking €20. I had spotted more vintage clothes but nothing that was really worth the trouble. Oh, except for one gorgeous emerald green woolen mod dress. It was so adorable. But unfortunately the lady knew exactly what she was selling and wanted €40 for it. When my face turned into a frown she dropped to 30, but I didn't have 30 on me anymore so I had to decline. Still a little bummed about that one. Ah well, onwards to the dresses!

Pretty 60's dress in white with a light blue/Eau de nil-ish pattern and glittery silver colored thread, flawless! This came from a lady who had bought the dress in a vintage shop in L.A.

Cute dress from 1940 (as in, the exact year). It looks a bit shapeless on the hanger but has super cute puffy shoulders. The lady I bought it from bought it in France when she was young. I'm assuming they were already second hand then because she seemed to be in her 60s. I forgot to ask. The only flaw is discoloration and some loose stitches. It used to be black but turned an uneven brownish color. It doesn't make it unwearable, but I'm really hoping I can give it a fresh dye.

Another dress from 1940 from the same lady, also from France. I love the belt on this one. Also discolored, but not as uneven as the other one. If you open up the ruffles you can see the original black color. The only real flaw on this dress is the fabric buttons; 7 out of 12 need to be repaired or replaced. I hope I can give this one a fresh dye too. I wish I had met this lady earlier because she had more dresses from the 40's! Can you believe it? She told me she had already sold something to a museum and online and at the market before I came along.

Cute little prom dress from 1954 (I love knowing exact dates!) made from a white satiny fabric with green polka dots covered with a creme sheer chiffon. Full circle skirt. Not sure if the separate green fabric is supposed to be a belt or a scarf. This one has quite a bit of issues. The zipper needs to be reattached and the  chiffon of the bodice has a few tears. Not sure how I will fix that yet, I'm thinking I might just remove the chiffon at the bodice altogether, that would still make it a super cute dress. It's actually a girls dress but I think it will fit someone with a size xxs. I didn't want to buy it a first, even though it was cheap, but when the lady said that she wore it as a little girl in 1954 I just couldn't leave it behind.

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