Fabric Stash Sprawl and The DragonBox

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Firstly, I don't really care for modern patterns, but I just had to share lladybirds hilarious post about the new
Vogue patterns. Be sure to check out the last two patterns.

With the addition of the fabrics from my previous post, my sewing room started to become a plastic bag mess. So I made a trip to the we-magically-have-everything-you-need-for-cheap store right next to my house (the Action).

Introducing my new life space saver.

The DragonBox! Isn't that the coolest name for a storage box ever?

I chose this size because I thought I would have room to grow.. Eh.. I underestimated my stash a bit. I blame the one-euro-per-meter stalls at the market.

Ah well.. everything  most is now tucked away, nice and organized and I guess I will simply buy more DragonBoxes.

I also got two A3 cutting mats. Here, this size retails for about €18 at craft stores. I got these for... drumroll.. €1,79 a piece. And they are nice and heavy too.

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