Friday Morning Market: Fabrics, fabrics, magazine and sewing tactics

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This week I scored hard on the fabric department at my Friday Morning Market. I have never been so happy with my fabric purchases before. I got 5 fabrics in total. Two are remnants in a shade of burgundy/eggplant-ish and have a very nice drape to them that is quite similar to the typical rayon crepe of the 30s/40s. They will make great winter garments. One is quite short so I think I will be using that for a pair of 40s slacks, the other one is long enough to make a pretty 40s dress out of. On the bottom right is another remnant, a nice stiff but thin dark blue cotton that will be perfect for a dress or blouse.

Then I got the most amazing hawaiian print fabric. I had been drooling over it for weeks, but they where remnants of 1,5 meters/yards a piece which makes it hard to make a garment out of, so for the price of €9 ($12) a piece I found them way to expensive. But this week the fabric stall was having a sale and I got two pieces for €10 ($13)! I hope it will be enough to make a sarong dress. A few days ago I stumbled upon Queen of Holloway's sarong dress in the exact same fabric! So I already know that it will look amazing. If it's not enough then I'm thinking about a two piece beach ensemble.

Lastly, I got the cutest peacock feather print fabric with a dark blue background from the one-euro-a-meter stall. It's very lightweight, slippery and slightly sheer. I was thinking about a 30s / 40s blouse at first, but when I wrapped it around my body in the mirror I totally saw a pair of 30s beach pajama pants. But I'm afraid I will have to put it on the back burner because I don't feel ready to sew with such a thin slippery fabric yet. (sob)

I also got this French magazine, Femina, from 1948. The fashion pictures aren't really that interesting, what I adore most are the lovely advertisements.

And another sewing pattern! Simplicity 1535, a 1940s jacket. I am thinking of changing my sewing tactics. As a beginner I am still sewing quite slow. When I started I figured that it should be doable to squeeze out one garment a week, give or take. Well, one garment every two weeks is more where I am at right now. So if this pace continues for a while longer I will have to sew at least one season ahead. So I am thinking about starting with my fall and winter wardrobe soon..

Whatever my sewing tactics will be, I am currently working on a summer dress, Butterick 5209, view B. I am already in love with this easy but versatile cute dress. I think there will be more.

What are your sewing tactics? Do you sew for the current season, or do you sew ahead? Or do you just sew whatever you feel like, even though you might have to wait 6 months before you can wear it?


  1. Eerder maakte ik altijd waar ik zin in had. En nu probeer ik toch wat meer per seizoen te plannen. Aangezien ik nogal langzaam ben, zet ik niet echt een deadline, ik neem liever mijn tijd.

    De stof met de bloemenprint is erg mooi!

  2. Ik begon in eerste instantie wel met deadlines voor mezelf, maar daar ben ik inderdaad snel van afgestapt. De tijd nemen om bijvoorbeeld ook dingen met de hand te naaien voelt veel beter! Kwaliteit boven kwantiteit :)

  3. You have some really beautiful fabrics. I especially love the vividness of the floral fabric! What a fine swing dress this would make.

  4. Yes it would definitely make a great swing dress!


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