Friday Morning Market: Vintage magazines

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Every Friday morning there is a market right outside my doorstep. There are lots of fabrics, notions, clothing, fresh fruit and vegetables and a few second hand and antique stalls. I go there every week so I thought I'd do a weekly post series of the vintage items or fabrics I have dug up (because I almost always find something). This week I bought 10 issues of an old Dutch magazine called Piccolo. All the issues are from 1957 and follow up (yay). The spines look a little weird, I think they might have been bound together to a book, like you often see with older magazines. Personally, I like having separate issues more. The magazine is mainly (gossip) about Hollywood movie stars, but also has a bit of fashion and fiction stories. I paid €15 for the lot, which I think is very reasonable. The Rock Hudson issue has an article about him having many women in the movies, but only one true love - his wive. Whoops. I was changing channels the other day when I passed Out TV, and they where showing a documentary about him as a gay man and early aids victim which was quite interesting and also very sad.

33rd year, #1
6 January 1957 - Jane Russel

13 January 1957 - Machiko Kyo

20 January 1957 - Debbie Reynolds

27 January 1957 - Doris Day

3 February 1957 - Sofia Loren

10 February 1957 - June Allyson

17 February 1957 - Rock Hudson & Martha Hyer
Unfortunately, this issue is in really bad shape

24 February 1957 - Audrey Hepburn

3 March 1957 - Bing Crosby

10 March 1957 - Dominique Wilms

Barbara Lang

Jarma Lewis

The backsides are great too!

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