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"Shawls, the newest fashion accessory. Luxury shawl of fringed silk, printed with multicolor flowers, draped over model's head and thrown back over her shoulders." From the Life archive, photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt

After seeing so many great images coming from Pinterest, and hearing of so many people buying the most amazing items they found via Pinterest, I decided I simply could not stay away from this source of eye candy any longer. So I have been pinning like crazy since yesterday. Although I first felt that this was 'yet another social media site', I now realize that it is a great source as well as a handy tool, no more heaps of folders on my computer with 'hairstyles' 'sewing inspiration' 'dream house'  'amazing garments', etc, etc. I also made a board where I will be posting scans of my vintage photograph collection, and I think I will make a board with all the covers of magazines I own as well.

Join me!


  1. Ik ben al enige tijd verslaafd aan Pinterest. Echt een fijne manier om inspiratie op te doen en plaatjes te verzamelen. Veel leuker dan een pagina aan je favorieten toevoegen.

  2. Ja het is echt verslavend merk ik nu al! Zo veel moois!


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