Friday Morning Market, Ebay and Amazon

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This week I got lots of stuff! So I thought I'd combine them all in one post.

First I got an order in from eBay, from a seller that sells vintage glass jewelry and buttons from the Gablonz glass region. These necklaces where dirt cheap.

My order came in a cute little box and was very well and cutely packed.

I bought three necklaces and a set of simple navy blue glass buttons. The set of self-shank buttons (also navy) in the seal bag where a surprise!

Dated 20s-40s

Dated ca 1950s

Undated, probably not very old.

Dated pre 1948

I also ordered some stuff from another eBay seller that sells a lot of vintage old stock notions and toys and other strange stuff. I got four sets of buttons and two packs of blue dye.

So cute! The dye comes in a glass tube with a cork stopper and comes with instructions.

Then, again from eBay, I got this pattern, Simplicity 4987, from vintage4me2

I ordered two books from amazon 3 weeks ago; Gertie's New Book For Better Sewing, and Vintage Swimwear by Sarah Kennedy. The swimwear book has not been delivered yet, but I was certainly happy with Gertie's book finally being sent ahead. I have browsed through it a bit and am already excited about the topics she addresses. I can't wait to make the Tiki variation of one of the dress patterns.

And ofcourse, my weekly friday morning market purchase. I got two packs of shampoo, two packs of black snaps and 4 pieces of blue fabric from a "50 cents a piece" pile. And a skirt marker!

According to an online database the Castella shampoo was produced from 1940 to 1968.

Skirt marker and Gimli, he did not approve of this strange contraption

I also finished Butterick 4919, so I will give an update on that soon!

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  1. Wat ziet die verpakking van de Castella shampoo er mooi uit!

    Verder mooie vondsten!


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