Australian Women's Weekly July 6 1940: Be Trousered

13:00 Renée 3 Comments

"Slacks are unexpectedly making a dramatic appearance at social gatherings. The new season's styles feature sensational color combinations and a versatile range of silhouettes."


Left: Shirtmaker harem
pyjamas bring a new
glamor to your leisure
hours-these are done in
fine wool crepe, in royal
blue spotted with white
and much gathered into
a wide cummerbund of
red-and-green twin spot.

Middle: For informal dinner parties, green velvet trousers, wide as a skirt and topped by a yellow silk jersey blouse with flowing sleeves and a broad suede belt in richest copper. 

Right: Drama at a cocktail party with a sugar-pink Oriental tunic of stiff corded silk teamed with violet slacks. Jersey turban and suede belt, also violet.

Imagine those big trousers in VELVET! My goodness!

This early 1940s fashion style is exactly the kind of style I love. I actually have two patterns with which I could make the exact outfits on the left and middle (Simplicity 3364, above, and Simplicity 3450). And I definitely will for next summer. Although I never thought of making 'harem pyjamas' but I like the idea! Combined with a short sleeve blouse and made from a thin cotton for summer and a long sleeve version made from a thicker cotton or flannel would be great for winter. And I could use some new Pyjamas. Not a bad idea at all!


  1. What lovely patterns; I love those big sleeves with buttoned cuffs - they look so elegant. My favourite has to be the blue and white spotty one on the first pattern.
    P.S. Thanks for looking me up on Rav, too :-)

  2. Those are nice! I've never seen anything like those in my 1940's magazines (maybe I should have a better look…)

    I've made something like the middle image in the top picture (you can see it here: ) and I still really like the look ever though it isn't always practical. The balloon-bottom version would do a bit better but I have to say it scares me a bit. Although that blue polkadot outfit looks quite lovely...

    1. Je broek is prachtig, hij lijkt inderdaad precies op die in het plaatje! Maar ik kan me wel voorstellen dat het niet altijd even praktisch is.


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