Sewing plans for 2014

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Lots of bloggers have already posted their sewing (and/or knitting) plans for 2014. I wasn't planning to write one myself at first, but then I started to realize that it is actually a great way for myself to get organized.

So far I have sort of been sewing like a loose cannon, completely without pre-planing or any kind of structure. But now I actually have some solid plans for things I want to sew this year. Or even better, I simply need them. My wardrobe is a disaster at the moment. I am still transitioning from a modern wardrobe to a vintage one. I still have hardly any vintage clothes to speak of (not counting original vintage pieces which I really only want to wear to special occasions since they're so fragile). In practice this means I still dress myself in modern clothes pretty much every day. Aside from that, I was only able to take about 1/3 of my clothes with me to England so I don't have many clothes to choose from either. But this actually had a refreshing effect. I don't miss any of my clothes at all. There is nothing in my modern wardrobe that I really love and couldn't live without. Out with the new, in with the old.

So here are my sewing plans for 2014, sort of in the order I want/plan to sew them:

1. Make at least 2 pairs of 1940s slacks. I absolutely need these but I'm a little frightened to make trousers because of the fitting involved. I hope to make them in navy blue and bottle green. Or mustard if I dare. I already have the famous Simplicity 3688 lying around for this. I do think I will have to make some adjustments to the pattern because I already noticed it will be too short for me and I also want them to be pretty wide. This one will definitely require a muslin, or two.

2. Make a jacket from Simplicity 1535. I really need a jacket but I'm not sure if I'm ready for a project like that yet..

3. Make two pairs of 'harem pyjamas' with Simplicity 3364; one from a thin cotton with short sleeves for summer, one from a thick fabric with long sleeves for winter. As mentioned in my previous post.

4. Make a pair of wide summer slacks with aforementioned Simplicity 3364.

Photo from the Life archive, by Peter Stackpole

5. Make the skirt to match the blouse I'm currently sewing (Simplicity 3450). I'll make the version with the 'suspended' pockets (they're not stitched onto the skirt, they hang from a belt!).

6. Make a floor length skirt from a lightweight fabric for summer. I bought a pattern for this last summer but unfortunately it got lost in the mail together with a dress pattern. (Still mourning over my loss..). I'm still looking for a replacement pattern. I have found lots of floor length skirt patterns from the late 40's, but none of them are gathered at the waist like in the picture. And that's what I want.

7. Make a dress. I definitely need more dresses too, but I don't have anything specific in mind at the moment. I still have Colette's Ceylon and Butterick 3810 lying around.

8. Make a summer blouse from McCall 7242 (view B)

9. Make two full slips (I don't need half slips because I have a stash of deadstock ones!). The first one just plain to practice with slippery fabric, the second one with lace. Still looking for a pattern, I think I'll get one from Mrs. Depew

10. Make a jumper dress (preferably in corduroy) for winter. Not sure if I will use Hollywood 1776 I just ordered or if I will get another one.

11. Make an a-line skirt and plaid blouse, inspired by this outfit. Hollywood 1776 has both.

12. Make at least one pair of knickers. I think I'll get the Panties & Bloomers pattern from Wearing History

13. Make a floor length robe/housecoat for winter. Still looking for the perfect pattern.

14. I will also allow myself to make at least one garment just because it's pretty, and not because I absolutely need it.

15. Finish my Mrs Depew Bathing Beauties bathing suit. I've never written about this, but it was actually my third project. I have no idea what I was thinking making a bathing suit as a third project, from a vintage pattern that needed to be re-sized as well. And yet I managed to finish about 2/3 before I gave up. My only UFO so far!

So that's 20 separate items to make and one to finish! I really do need much more clothes than this, but I tried thinking of the most essential basic pieces I need to build a foundation for my wardrobe. I'm not sure if I will really be able to make all of these items in 1 year. I'm also still on a tight budget since I still haven't found a job.. And I would really like to join the HSF challenge this year too.. I guess we'll just have to see how far I get!


  1. Oh my goodness, all these glorious patterns you plan to create! What will you start first? I love the idea of a "beachy" type of skirt for the summer that is floor length. I have the fabric for such a creation, I just need a good pattern like you. Good luck on your job search this year. You have some wonderful patterns and projects slated for next year thank you for sharing your goals!

    1. What I will start on first depends on whether I will join the Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge! If I do join then the next project will be a pair of pink french knickers or a pink slip for the "make something pink" challenge. If not, then I think I will start tackling the slacks.

  2. Wow, you've got some lovely projects lined up there. And I think this is the first set of vintage sewing resolution I've seen in which trouser-like things feature quite so heavily.
    And just a little remark of mine, just in case it might be useful: You don't really need a pattern for that full-length summer skirt. You'll probably have a waistband (or even contour body piece like the lady on the right is wearing) in another pattern and you could just gather a large rectangle of fabric to it, or a slightly flared front and back. Judging from the picture, the ratio of the gathers should be about 2 : 1.

    1. Yes good observation about the trouser-like things, I realized that too after I put all my plans together! And thank you for the tip about the skirt - I did check my pattern stash for something I could use but no luck. However, I didn't think of simply taking a (slightly flared) rectangle and gathering it. I coincidentally found a pattern this morning but I might still try your idea.

  3. Great sewing plans!!! And fabulous inspiration photos ;) My "wants and needs" looks rather similar to yours, so this was a great post for me. I just bought that jacket pattern on the first pic, shouldn't be too hard:) Also, I am procrastinating that Ceylon pattern from Colette. Looking forward to follow along as you sew up these beauties!


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