What to Sew Next - A New Blogging Routine

22:10 Renée 6 Comments

For a while now I have wanted to change my blogging routine. I would really like to keep you guys more in the loop of what I am planning to sew and how my sewing (and knitting) projects are progressing. I usually have a lot to say about each sewing project (problems, doubts, fitting issues, etc) but every time I write a 'finished' post I have to scrap a lot of the thoughts I have (had) about the project because there's just too much text and I'm afraid I will scare you guys away ;)

Yesterday I finished another sewing project (a two piece dress in mustard yellow - I love it!) so I'm at the point of planning my next project - the perfect time to finally start that new blogging routine.

Right now I am torn between two options:

The first option is to make a maxi skirt with this lovely fabric. However, it is a lightweight slippery ( 'liquid') fabric and I don't have the proper needles. I have also purchased a walking foot. So it would mean no sewing until the things I've ordered arrive in the mail.

The second option is to make a dress out of this gorgeous dark eggplant/purple lightweight woolen fabric. I am still looking for a job and I have realized that I hardly have any clothes that are suitable for a job interview. So I really need to start sewing some. But even thinking of sewing with such a warm fabric right now makes me sweat.. Also, I am completely indecisive on what pattern to use for the fabric.. will it be:

Simplicity 3475 - The dress version with long sleeves (very cute but unsuitable for a potential job (interview))

Retro Butterick 5281 (very suitable for a job interview / work but I have been a bit disappointed at the sewn examples I've seen)

Simplicity 3962 (I really like this pattern and it would be suitable for work but I have to size it down a whopping 6 inches which means making muslins and all together just takes a lot of time..)

Honestly, I'm really much more in the mood for a simple project and something that I can wear right now.. but I do need a 'proper' dress..

Ugh, me and my indecisiveness! What do you guys think?


  1. Lastig! Ik zou denk ik voor Simplicity 3962 gaan. Misschien kun je er een 2e project naast doen voor de afwisseling.

    1. Ja dat heb ik ook overwogen maar ik ken mezelf; dan leg ik er een opzij en belandt het op de UFO berg!

  2. Wow, I love the Butterick one. How disappointing the finished ones don't look as good as the drawing, I could so well imagine it with that eggplant-coloured fabric. I am curious what pattern you will chose.
    Love, ette

  3. The eggplant coloured fabric looks great but, like you, I can't imagine sewing with wool in this weather. And I've literally just seen the retro Butterick dress made up on another blog, maybe you seen it already: http://star-spangledheart.blogspot.nl/2014/07/changing-things-up.html
    It kind of works for her, although he bodice is a bit odd and I was already thinking such a style wouldn't work for me. You are more slender yet, so, as lovely as the dress looks on the envelope, I understand your doubts.
    All in all, I think the skirt would be better in this weather anyway and it should be a fairly quick project (and you couldn't wear a wool dress if you had a job interview this week anyway. Way too warm). You could try some stitching samples in this fabric with the needles and feet you have, to see if you can make it work.

    1. Yes I saw her version too. What I'm mostly disappointed about is that the shoulder pleating seems to have no drape effect at all. Which is very strange because I looked at the pattern pieces and the pleat are very wide! Although I think I know how to make it look like the illustration. But you made an extremely good point; even if I would sew the 'work appropriate' dress, I wouldn't be able to wear it right now anyway. I didn't even think about that, how silly.

  4. I love that #3962 pattern!!! Too bad it will involve so much work. That being said, it will be totally worth it :D Good luck on your projects. I am sure they will be great!


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